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Nathan & Amy, Custom Home

“After now being in our home for a little over a year, we are so thankful for the opportunity we had to build our custom home with Alfred Saliba Corporation! From our first initial meeting to the day you handed us the keys to our home, you actively listened to us throughout the entire process. Our home reflects our vision because you worked creatively and diligently with us to design the structure we now call home. The entire staff exemplified nothing less than extreme professionalism while they held our hand from start to finish. Thank you, Alfred Saliba Corporation!”

Tom & Katherine, Remodel

“We can’t say enough positive things about our renovation experience with Alfred Saliba Corporation. We had been talking about remodeling for years, but had dreaded getting into a construction project because of all the nightmare stories we had heard. The entire process with ASC was extremely thorough and professional. We were overly impressed with the people we worked with during the project. We trusted them to give advice, keep us on track and create a home we would love–and they were there for us every day with a positive attitude doing the best job possible. Not only was their quality of work outstanding, but they were also timely. We were given a week by week calendar of the project, and it was amazing how they adhered to it. We were told it would be a six month project, and it was six months to the day. There is not one thing we would change about the renovation or the entire experience.”