Quality Design and Service


Saliba makes saving energy an important part of all of their new home construction and remodeling projects because saving energy saves money – your money. Investments in all forms of energy savings is returned to the homebuyer through more comfort in their home and more money in their pocket with lower energy bills. A well-conditioned home also makes the home more durable and lowers maintenance.

Saliba believes in the whole-house systems approach optimizing energy efficiency in all areas that affect energy use in your home.

Insulation is one of the most important areas of creating energy-efficiency since we are impacted by the comfort in our homes throughout the year. Saliba homes use Energy Star® energy-efficient, high-density exterior wall insulation with an R-value of 13 or better, exceeding standard building code. Attic insulation is loose-fill fiberglass blown to a thickness of 16” to achieve an R-value of 30, which is also well above code.

The entire structure is air sealed with high-density foam to prevent air penetration making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Our standard heating and cooling systems are Lenox and Carrier with a SEER rating of 14. Heating and cooling systems with this SEER ratings are quieter, reduce humidity and use less energy to operate providing more comfort throughout your home and saving you money on your utility bills.

Windows in Saliba homes bring beautiful brightness and light, but keep the heat and cold on the outside and comfort inside. Our double-paned energy-efficient Low-e windows and glass doors keep ultraviolet light from the sun out of the inside; protecting your belongings while keeping the interior comfort controlled.

We are proud to use GE energy-efficient Energy-Star Appliances in our homes for superior quality with long-lasting efficiency. Saliba’s Design Center allows our homeowners to make selections of their own preference.